What is it?

Streetball is an opportunity for young people of all ages to play basketball outdoors in a regular, structured environment. Play can be adapted to whoever turns up on the night. This could be 3 on 3 sessions, shooting competitions, skills improvement or full court play.Who runs it?

Sessions are facilitated by Broncos’ qualified adult coaches as part of Bishopton Basketball Club’s programme of reaching out to the community.


Bishopton Primary School, Old Greenock Road, Bishopton (we are indebted to the school for the use of their court and storage facilities, when available).


Monday & Friday nights from 7:00 – 9:00 pm from the end of June to the middle of August.

How much does it cost?

The sessions are free of charge.

Do I need to bring anything?

Players should bring along a supply of water, as things can get pretty hot. You’re advised not to wear your best kit as it’s all outdoors and shoes can pick up some small stones and dirt, meaning that they shouldn’t be worn indoors afterwards. Fun is guaranteed, though, as everyone gets to play at some stage. So why not give it a go, or at least come along and find out if it’s for you? Hopefully see you on court!

Bronco Streetball Rainbow

Streetball Team

Hot Hoops 2005

Bishopton Basketball Club first provided organised training and games under the “Hot Hoops” banner in the summer of 2005. These sessions were funded by Basketball Paisley and were open to local young people of all ages to join in the fun. Attendance averaged 17 players each night, with ages ranging from 5 to 17. Hot Hoops provided a healthy distraction for local children looking for something to do, and gave a few of the younger children their first experience of basketball. Indeed, some players who participated in the initiative ended up joining the Broncos.

Streetball 2006

Following the success of 2005’s Hot Hoops, the Broncos ran a series of “Street Ball” games for 2006 under the same format. This venture, commended by the local police, Renfrewshire Council and local MP consolidated our links to the community. Some regular attendees discovered measured progress in their development of ball handling skills due to the unique qualities of outdoor play.

Streetball 2007

Same formula, same enthusiasm, with regular high attendances at each session (apart from the ones rained off!). As ever, we were joined by some new faces looking to try something different during the school holidays. This included some older guys rediscovering some of the skills they thought they’d left behind a couple of years ago. The result was some highly competitive matches!

Streetball PoseStreetball MembersStreetball Action

Streetball 2008

Different year, different formula. Unfortunately we couldn’t use the school’s storage facilities for our portable hoops, so this meant we were forced to restrict the age limit to secondary school age. Although our sessions were as well attended as ever (even in monsoon conditions!), we really don’t want to exclude our younger enthusiasts from this community venture.

Streetball 2009

Unfortunately, the storage difficulties of last year couldn’t be resolved due to security issues at the school. However, Streetball in Bishopton is now a well established and much looked forward to event in the summer calendar. As usual, this year saw a mixture of some regular attendees and new faces of various ages. Despite some awful weather on some of the nights, the hardy participants refused to give in to the rain and played on regardless with only the final scheduled night having to be cancelled due to unplayable conditions.

Streetball 2010

The best news for Streetball 2010 was that we were able to invite our primary school age enthusiasts along as we were permitted storage facilities for our equipment. This meant that we could have two courts running at the same time. An indication of the popularity of this year’s series was the attendance of 43 players of all ages turning up on the first night! High attendance continued throughout the summer with some more new faces turning up to join the regulars. Once again, a tale of enthusiasm, sportsmanship, good spirits and a stubborn refusal to let a bit of rain spoil the proceedings. As a result, there were no cancelled sessions which contributed to another successful year. Special mention must go to Kirsten Blackett, Taylor Bandoni, Seona Fraser and Beth Pearce who took the chance to develop their own coaching skills by helping out with structuring many of the younger players’ sessions.

Streetball 2011

Our usual fears of “I hope enough players turn up” were quickly laid aside on our first Monday session on 4 July when we were faced with around 40 players ready to make full use of this Broncos initiative (now in its 8th year!). With a mixture of some familiar and new faces, order was soon established by splitting the group into 2 courts with the younger players enjoying the freedom to develop their skills within their own age group. Despite numbers reducing in the younger age group after the first 4 sessions or so, those remaining were happy to join the big guys on the main court for the rest of the summer break. As is customary, there had to be one wet night and this year it happened big style on 12 August. Did anyone say “this is just daft”; “the rain’s too heavy” or “let’s stop now”? Not a bit of it. Everyone played on, absolutely soaked to the skin but happy just to be out there and watched by some incredulous parents trying to find shelter. Daft and drookit, certainly, but dedicated! So, another successful event chalked up by Bishopton Basketball Club which will be shown in the photos which should be up soon.



Sport Relief 2010

Bishopton Basketball Club decided to team up with Sport Relief in 2010 – both to give something back to sport by acknowledging the opportunities for friendship and fitness provided by our club, and to help transform the lives of people less fortunate than ourselves – disadvantaged and vulnerable people, both at home and across the world’s poorest countries.

On 25 March, our club held a “Lay-Up Challenge”. This involved every available club member trying to score as many lay-ups (dribbling the ball towards the basket before taking the final shot) as possible within 3 minutes. Sponsors could either make a contribution for each basket scored or make a donation to Sport Relief.

Many of our members really took this venture to heart and some astonishing scores were recorded. After all the money was collected, including a “top up” sum from the club, a cheque for £500 was dispatched to Sport Relief. This was a huge credit to the efforts of our players and particular praise must go to brother and sister Callum and Laura Collins who each raised over £70. Their outstanding contribution was acknowledged at our annual Awards Night when they were presented with special awards for charity.

Scott Russell Awards


Bishopton Day

Bishopton Day

June is always an extremely busy time for the Broncos’ Committee. The beginning of the month usually marks the end of our training season quickly followed by the annual award presentations while finalising arrangements for Bishopton Day.

The Broncos’ stall has been a prominent feature of Bishopton Day festivities since 2004. A great deal of work goes into the preparation and running of the stall which has proved to be a popular stop-off for visitors on their tour around the field. Bishopton Day presents one of the opportunities for local people to get to know that there is a basketball club in their village, and to find out a bit more about what we do. This is also a chance for the Committee to promote the club and basketball in general, so it’s a day the Broncos look forward to immensely.

In recent years, visitors to the stall have taken the chance to shoot a few hoops in our “10-Shot Challenge”. This has proved very popular with varying degrees of skill being displayed! There are always the easily-recognisable “ex-netball player” members of the public willing to have a go, as well as people who haven’t played (or had the chance to play) basketball since leaving school. For those unwilling to show off their prowess in public, there’s always the chance to win a prize at our tombola.

Bishopton Day is a date that’s always circled in the Broncos’ calendar. As well as providing an opportunity to promote what we do, it’s a chance to raise some much-needed funds to buy or replace equipment for the club. However, the one thing we haven’t yet achieved at Bishopton Day is to enter a float in the Parade. I’ve already said that the Committee is very busy during June, so if there are any volunteers out there who can help us make this happen, don’t be shy. It would be an enormous boost for your local, community club. Contact details can be found on the Contact Us page.

Bronco Stall Princess

Bronco Shot Challenge

Bishopton Day Gallery





Most of our players come to us through the primary school route as often this is where our members get their first experience of basketball.

We maintain a strong link with Bishopton Primary School as we’ve done since the Club was founded. Bishopton Basketball Club coaches have been and continue to be involved in organising and training the school teams as part of our commitment to the community and the promotion of basketball. These coaches devote their time voluntarily and claim no fee for this service.

Another tangible demonstration of our support for school basketball can be seen in the various primary school tournaments we have hosted through the years. These events have proved immensely popular with the children, often giving the first indications of emerging talent. Players from the following local primary schools have all enjoyed a taste of competitive basketball courtesy of the Broncos: Bargarran, Barsail, Bishopton, Inchinnan, Kirklandneuk, Rashielea and St. James.

Anyone doubting the enthusiasm of our young people for sport and in particular, basketball in the Renfrewshire area would do well to pay a visit to one of the Broncos’ tournaments. As the following photos show, their concerns would very quickly disappear.


We also have a natural association with Park Mains High School in Erskine as many of our members are pupils there.

In 2010 we were delighted to present a cheque for £100 to the Park Mains Senior Girls Basketball Team as a contribution to much needed team kit. Later in the year we also supported the Park Mains 6th Year Leavers to the tune of £120 by taking a page of the Leavers’ Yearbook to pass on the club’s good wishes to those leaving school at the end of the academic year.

Broncos Schools Tournament Park Mains Girls Basketball