Thursdays 6.00 – 7.15pm
Thursdays 7.15 – 9.00 pm

Training Times 
Primary School Players
High School Players

Training Venue and Home Court – Park Mains Sports Complex, Park Mains High School, Erskine

Cost – Our weekly training fees are £4.00 for players of all age groups.

We employ a variety of training methods in order to cater for players of different age groups and abilities. Typical sessions may include focusing on strengths and weaknesses, fitness, skills development, set drills and coached, competitive games. Training is a very important part of what we do at the club and Coaches expect players to concentrate on applying what they’ve learned during these sessions in a match situation.

Our Coaches will always aim to ensure an element of fun in all our training, but in order for the sessions to run smoothly for everyone’s enjoyment, we expect our members to display a high level of discipline. This means listening to Coaches’ instructions, working hard, demonstrating a high degree of sportsmanship and having respect for Coaches and other players. We also expect members to respect the Sports Centre staff and to play their part in ensuring that the facilities are as tidy at the end of training and match nights as they were at the beginning.

Broncos Training

Bishopton Broncos Training Night

Our Committee has always set membership fees at the lowest possible level to just cover our costs. It should be noted that all our Committee members and Coaches offer their assistance to the club on a voluntary basis and take no fee.

For season 2012-13 we have taken the reluctant decision to increase subscriptions for the first time since the club began. This has been forced upon us due to the increasing costs of hiring the sports hall coupled with the need to replace some vital training equipment. Accordingly, membership subscriptions are as follows: –

Annual Registration Subscription – unchanged at £15.00 per player (this cost can be spread over a number of weeks – just have a word with the Treasurer).

N.B. For families with 2 or more playing members, the Annual Registration Subscription is reduced to £10.00 for the second and any subsequent child.

Weekly Training Fee – £4.00.

N.B. For families with 2 or more playing members, the Weekly Training Fee is reduced to £2.00 for the second and any subsequent child.

Please note that for anyone just coming along to training sessions to see what the Club is all about while considering whether or not to become a member, these fees and subscriptions are waived.

Bishopton Broncos Basketball Club

Broncos Fun Night