Streetball 2010

Tonight saw the final turnout for our popular summer outdoor¬†¬†Streetball¬†initiative. Despite torrential rain, play continued right to the end of the night with some of the players seemingly trying to put off the inevitable return to school the next day. Reflecting on the summer’s fourteen 2-hour sessions, Coach Orr said “This has been our best year yet. The turnout has been amazing and running 2 courts every night again has given the younger children a chance to get involved in basketball. As always, our thanks go to Bishopton Primary for the use of their court and storage facilities.” Coach Pollock added “The enthusiasm of our players demonstrates the value of this initiative. Despite some very heavy showers on a couple of nights (particularly tonight!), no-one wanted to quit, meaning that not one session had to be cancelled due to the weather. This is testimony to the popularity of Broncos Streetball which continues to be a huge success in Bishopton.”

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